What was the Domino Theory?
The American idea that if communism was not stopped in Vietnam, then all of South East Asia would fall
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Which part of Vietnam was Communist?
North Vietnam
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Who were the Vietcong?
South Vietnamese people who wanted Communism
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What is guerilla warfare?
Avoiding a pitched battle with the enemy, If this ever happened the VC would be sure to lose.
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Name Tactics used by the VC
Hit and Run, Ambushing, Find and Kill, hidden networks of underground tunnels
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What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail?
The huge trail used to send supplies to the VC from North Vietnam, it was so huge the Americans couldn't patrol all of it
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What was the 'Winning of Hearts and Minds?'
Showing Vietnamese people how to look after crops, the building of schools etc
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What was Operation Rolling Thunder?
The large scale bombing of North Vietnam by the USA
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What was Search and Destroy?
American ambushes on suspected VC villages which were normally burnt to the ground
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What did the Americans use in chemical warfare?
Agent Orange and Napalm. To this day, there are still devestating effects of the chemicals in Vietnam
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What was the My Lai massacre?
500 Vietnamese men, women and children were killed in a vicious attack from the Americans.
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Who was Lt. William Calley?
Gave the order for My Lai
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Who was Hugh Thompson?
The helicopter pilot who shot down American troops as they destroyed My Lai
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Vietnam was called the what?
First Media War
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What was the VVAW?
Vietnam Veterans Against The War
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Who were the main group of people protesting the war?
University Students
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What was the Kent State University Protest?
4 students were shot by the National Guard
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Why was Kent State so important?
The government realised there was too much opposition against the war
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What were the Fulbright Hearings?
1971. John Kerry gave a speech about the atrocities carried out in Vietnam and how the war needed to be ended.
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What was the Tet Offensive?
A launch of attacks by the NVA and the VC throughout South Vietnam
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When did Peace talks start between the two countries?
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What was Vietnamisation?
The principle that the South Vietnamese government would take over
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When had all American troops left Vietnam?
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When did North Vietnam take over South Vietnam?
April 1975
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How did the remaining American officals leave Vietnam?
Airlifted from the top of the American embassy
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Which part of Vietnam was Communist?


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Who were the Vietcong?


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What is guerilla warfare?


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Name Tactics used by the VC


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