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  • Homeostasis
    • Is the control of the internal environment of the body.
    • Thermoregulation
      • The body needs to maintain a constant temperature, 37.c.
        • If the body gets too hot, then the enzymes will de nature so that the shape is lost.
        • If the body gets too cold then the enzymes will not have enough kinetic energy to catalyst the reaction.
      • The thermoregulatory center in the brain is called the hypothalamus.
    • Osmoregulaton
      • Water levels must also be monitored.
        • This is to protect from too much water or too little from entering the body.
      • We gain water by Eating and d.rinking
      • We loose water by sweating, urination and breathing (as water vapour)
      • Your kidneys maintain the level of water in the blood.


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