Emerging Technologies - Holography

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  • Holography
    • The study or production of holograms
    • Images are created to appear 3D (with depth)
    • Created by layering two 2D images that are shot from two different angles
    • Two different laserbeam types record the images onto a single photographic plate
    • Human eyes see the images from slightly different angles
    • The brain combines the images into a 3D shape
    • Uses
      • Improved Security
        • It is thought that the technology behind holograms will eventually be used to store large amounts of data
      • Better movie experiences
        • Hollywood have been using 3D imaging with the production of movies for many years
        • Provide viewer with immersive experience
        • Require the viewers to wear special glasses
      • Greater data storage
        • Credit cards, ID cards, software and some bank notes include holograms
        • A way of trying to prevent forged duplicates being created
        • Difficult and expensive to produce


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