how has technology changed our lives?

how has technology changed our lives?

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How has technology changed our lives?
The changes in technology has made our lives easier, but has caused many
jobs too be lost. We can communicate faster than ever before via texting,
e-mail, msn or facebook. People don't have to travel all over the world to
have a meeting they can have a virtual world meeting from the comfort of
there own living room. Its impact has been good and bad in the case of an
emergency people don't have to go and find the nearest house with a
working phone or a phone. Now as almost everyone has a mobile phone
that people can use on the street or if it's a police call the call can be
tracked to locate the person in trouble.
Computers can be good and bad impact. Computers can get viruses and
accounts can get hacked in to, they are very useful as it's easier to find out
information. You can now talk to people on line on websites such as msn or
facebook chat which only takes seconds, to receive a new message.


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