Current and emerging technologies

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  • Current and emerging technologies
    • Computer systems
      • Information systems
        • Input: data entered into a system e.g. barcodes
        • Processing: turning the input into a useful form
        • Output: the action that occurs after an input has been processed
        • Stored: information is kept for later use
      • Hardware
        • Physical objects that make up a computer system
        • Microprocessor- contains the CPU. The CPU carries out all of the calculations
      • Software
        • Part of the computer system you cannot see or touch. Set of instructions.
        • Operating systems software
        • Applications software
      • Components of a personal computer
        • Motherboard and CPU
        • Processing methods
        • ROM and RAM
        • input and output devices
        • Secondary / backing storage
    • The operating system
      • User interface: the way the user interacts with the computer - input and output devices as well as display
      • GUI: graphical user interface with windows, icons, menus and pointers.
        • Hyperlinks
        • Alter display options
      • Menu user interface
      • File and folder organisation
      • Encoding data
    • Using computer systems
      • Identifying ICT problems and solving errors
        • Freeze: Ctrl, Alt, Delete
        • Error messages: check by technician, reinstall that piece of software
        • Storage space: delete unnecessary files, archive files, USB
        • Printers: paper jams
    • Input and output devices
      • Input
        • Keyboards
        • Mouse
        • Microphones
        • Digital (video) cameras
        • Touch screen
        • Magnetic strips
        • Sensors
        • Bar-code reader
        • Optical mark recognition
        • Optical character recognition
      • Ouput
        • Monitor
        • Printers
        • Speakers
        • Projector
        • Plotters
        • Control devices
    • Storage devices and media
      • Units of memory
        • 1MB is just over 1,000KB
        • 1GB is just over 1,000MB
        • 1TB is just over 1,000GB
      • Storage devices
        • Hard drives: large, robust, fast, reliable
        • Optical drives: CDs, DVDs, laser beams read and record data
        • Flash memory: small, portable, USBs
        • Magnetic cartridges: DAT tapes, back up servers, backup purposes
      • Specialist storage media
        • Virtual memory
        • Online storage
        • Storing and sharing  photographs
    • Communication networks and entertainment
      • LAN
      • WAN
      • Telephones
      • Email & fax
      • Bluetooth and wifi
      • Servers
      • tv




Information technology is developing rapidly and is increasingly permeate our lives. Applications on smartphones help us in everyday tasks, without many programs on the computer, we can no longer imagine our life, big data provides us with extensive information about many processes. Some tricks from can help you understand this area and see how quickly it changes with each passing day.

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