ICT - Future Development

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  • Future Developement
    • Emerging Technologies
      • Fabrics that can change colour or respond to the surroundings.
      • Materials can predict their own destruction.
      • Tiny engines can enter the blood stream to help fight infection.
      • Clothing that can have mobile technology built in.
      • In the home
        • Walls that glow.
        • Windows that darken at night.
        • Door locks without key usage.
        • Surveillance systems on our phones or computers while away from home.
        • Devices control heating and lighting.
        • Televisions forming an entire wall.
        • 3D TV
        • Whole body experience computer games, virtual reality
      • In school
        • Biometric data.
        • Electronic pads.
        • Microphones instead of typing.
        • Accessing resources from home.
        • School dinners can be dispensed depending on your vitamin and calorie intake.
        • Virtual reality experiences to make teaching and learning more exciting.


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