Hitler's Consolidation

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  • Hitler's CoP
    • Terror
      • ** and SA intimidation
        • Enabling Act passed
        • March 1933 Reichsatg election
          • BUT they didn't win majority
      • Seized Trade Unions on May 2nd
      • Night of the Long Knives
        • 200 opponents executed
      • Reichstag Fire
    • Legal Powers
      • 'Emergency Decree for the Protection of People and State'
        • Opponents arrested
        • KPD banned
      • Law Against  Establishment of New Parties
      • Enabling Act passed March 1933
        • Rule by Decree for 4 years
        • Day of Potsdam 21 March
          • Appealed to the traditional ways
      • Gleichschaltung enforced through abolition of federal states
    • Propaganda
      • Reichstag Fire blamed on Van der Lubbe, a communist
        • Exploited fear to pass Enabling Act
      • Day of Potsdam
        • Appealed to 'Old Germany'
          • No strong views
          • Included Crown Prince
      • Goebbels
        • Won votes in March 1933 election
  • Political skills means his use of terror was justified legally, and Hitler was able to use situations to his advantage
    • BUT only made Chancellor after Hindenburgs death


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