The Nazi Consolidation of Power

Reasons for Hitler coming to power

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  • The Nazi Consolidation of Power
    • The Weakness of the Weimar Republic
      • A new state that was created after Germany's defeat in WW1
      • It faced economic problems from the outset
      • Proportional Representation
      • Governments in the Weimar were weak and unstable due to coalitions
    • The Great Depression
      • Germany depended on financial support from loans and investment from the USA
      • Wall Street Crash - October 1929
      • 1932 - 1/3 of Germans are unemployed
      • Hitler promised jobs
    • The Popularity of the Nazi Party
      • Views became polarised and extreme parties gained support
      • Propaganda
      • 1932 - Largest political party
      • Strong leadership of Adolf Hitler
    • Support from the German Elites
      • Persuaded Hindenburg to give Hitler power
      • Were convinced that he would defend against a Communist State
      • They thought they could control him


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