Hitler consolidates his position, 1925 - 27

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  • Hitler consolidates his position, 1925 - 27
    • Hitler neutralised opposition within the party.
      • Hitler did not just remove rivals.
        • Some potential dissidents, such as Joseph Goebbels, were converted into loyal supporters.
        • Others, such as that of Gregor Strasser, were persuaded to follow Hitler's lead.
      • There was also a struggle between the Nazis of the North and the South.
        • Hitler sent Gregor Strasser to reorganise the NSDAP of the North.
    • Hitler built up a core of loyalists in Munich and the South
      • It was during this period that Hitler established his Fuhrerprinzip within the party.
        • Members of the NSDAP were to show complete loyalty to their Fuhrer.
    • Hitler removed people that were a liability to the movement.
      • In 1925, Hitler persuaded Ludendorff to stand for the position of Reich President, in which he received a mere 1.1% of the vote.
        • This confirmed to Hitler that Ludendorff was no longer of use in politics.
      • In April 1925 Hitler forced Rohm to resign due to their differing views over the job of the SA.
        • Rohm believed the SA should be a parliamentary force.
        • Hitler felt that the SA should maintain its old role in protecting party members and training activists.


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