Henry VIII's Foreign Policy 1509 to 1520

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  • Henry VIII's Foreign Policy 1509 to 1522
    • Early Foreign Policy: France
      • Ferdinand 1512 - 12000 troops to Gascony but Ferd. snubbed them and regained Navarre.
        • Ferdinand 1511 - Henry sent 1000 troops to help in Africa -  ended after 16 days.
          • 1510 - Peace treaty w. France. Henry needed foreign support and old councillors didn't want war.
      • However Therouanne and Tournei better for Maximilian not Henry.
        • 1513 French campaign - 25k troops, won towns of Therouanne and Tournei, won Battle of Spurs 1513 - French fled.
          • 1510 Holy League - alliance w. Empire, Spain & Papacy against France
    • Field of Cloth of Gold 1520
      • Meeting between France & Eng. Previous 1514 treaty reaffirmed. Comp. to see who best  Renaissance Prince was.
        • Significant: Eng. matched France in splendour - £15k palace and suggested Eng. could match France's prestige. Put pressure on Char. V - led to Treaty of Bruges.
        • Not significant: Eng. at war with France 2 months later,. Huge cost for little gain. Eng. had treaty with Char. shortly after,
    • Aims
      • Trade - Foster trade and prosperity.
        • Security - Establish the Tudor dynasty.
      • Security - Establish the Tudor dynasty.
    • Treaty of London 1518
      • Success: Universal peace treaty masterminded by Wolsey. Signed by 24 countries and placed London & Henry at head of Europe. Henry "arbiter" of Europe
      • Failure: Only lasted 3 years before Spain & France at war. Vulnerable to changes in power - Max.'s death.
        • After only 2 years, countries making treaties secretly e.g. Bruges 1521.
    • Early Foreign Policy: Scotland
      • 1513 - Soot. attacked England, while they were in France., due to Auld Alliance. Surrey & Cath. responded.
        • James IV and 5-10k Scots killed at Battle of Flodden.  Surrey only lost 1500 men. Surrey made Duke of Norfolk and Marg. Tudor became regent.
          • 1517 - Treaty Of Rouen. France & Scot. renewed Auld All. and Marg. Tudor replaced with Duke of Albany.
    • Treaty of Bruges 1521
      • Alliance with Char. most powerful man, against France. Char. promised to marry Princess Mary (unlikely),
      • Agreed to fight France unless they made peace. Good for Henry - war with France.
      • Bad for Wolsey - humanist peace lover and bad for public taxes.


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