Henry viii 1509-1514

as level history revsion cards on henry viii form the periods 1509-1514

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Henry viii 1509-1514 an overview

The early years of 1509 Henry viii had succeeded to the throne he was 17 years old and there was goign to be change:

  • he was young(youthfull), energetic and brought a new excitement
  • he fristly abolished the council law and executed Empson and Dudley because  Henry  father, Henry VII, imposed taxes and fees on the people , essentially outright theft. This made him extremely unpopular. Two top members of his financial council, Dudley and Empson, were blamed by the populace for these actions. When Henry VIII ascended the throne, he had the two tried on flimsy charges, and they were publicly beheaded, in a bid by Henry to buy the favor of his new subjects with blood.
  • In continuity : in the personnel of the privy council e.g lovell, fox, warham
  • in the machinery of government (council, court and parliment)
  • in the need to keep his dynasty secure
  • Also henry was a renainssance king and wanted Glory for his country and defeat a war wih france
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  • 1509- there was a report saying that henry had sworn,'immediately after his coronation to make war on the king of france'
  • Henry also married Catherine of Aragon to cement the anti-french Anglo-spanish alliance.
  • 1510 - he signed a peace treaty with france ! his privy councl warned him and it did not last long!
  • 1511- he joined the holy league (england, the empire, spian and the papacy) to eject france from italy
  • 1512- he invaded france with 12,000 army, the plan was link with spanish forces but instead ferninand failled to help henry! this was a fiasco! a faliure!
  • 1513- a second campaing thatw as organized by wolsey ended in victory at the battle of th sprus. Glory at last! wolsey become well known for this !
  • battle of flodden , whiles henry was in war with france at england the nobility defeated a scottish invason at the battle of flodden. the scottish king was dead james iv which is left his wife ruling scotland whihc she was henrys sister.
  • 1514-wolsey negotiated peace with france , in terms of the marriage of henry's sister to the french king, a french pension and the town of tournia. which this rewarded wolsey and made him Archbishop of york.
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1515 to 1525 wolsey foreign policy

  • 1515- wolsey is apointedlord chancellor bt the king, and cardinal by the pope
  • 1516 - treaty of noyon ends war in italy
  • 1518 - treaty of london is signed
  • 1519 - maximillian dies. henry is a candidate to the throne for the imperial throne
  • 1520-  henry entertains francis i at the the feild of teh clothes near calais
  • 1521- henry signs the treaty of bruges with charlesy
  • 1522 henry decleares war with france
  • 1523 - english troops wage an unsuccessfull campaign in france
  • 1525 - amicable grant provokes disturbance in east anglia ( king was informed the of distrubances in norfolk and suffolk the dukes of the countires)
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