Henry VII: Royal Court and Council.

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  • Henry VII: Royal Court and Council
    • The Council Learned monitored the collection of bonds and recognizances.
    • The Royal Council met regularly and discussed policies. Henry always had the final word.
      • Henry reduced the numbers of the royal council.
    • Henry established the Court of Requests (which dealt with legal cases) and the Court of General Surveyors (Crown lands).
    • Henry was King Chief Executive and Head of State.
    • He developed regional councils in the North, Wales and Ireland.
      • Henry appointed all members of these councils to ensure enforcement of royal will.
    • Henry relied on the nobility and gentry to maintain law and order in the localities.
    • Henry increased the power of the JP's
      • Their role was to maintain law and order, implement social and economic statutes and reward informers.
    • Privy Chamber looked after Henry's personal needs. Increased use.
  • Henry restored a sound and stable government after civil wars.
  • Henry's active participation in government helped to enhance his authority.


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