Henry VII & Nobility

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Rise of Gentry

Nobles - pushed to local & central government

Government = more centralised - liked by gentry (social climbers)

Gentry used royal service to gain patronage EXAMPLE; Sir Reginald Bray left £1,000 worth of lands in his will - lands given to him by Henry VII (ultimately, Henry wins)

Children of the gentry taught laws at Inns of Court - Henry could maniuplate the gentry to operated the way he wants

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Power of Counsel

Not controlled by nobles, but by lawyers

By 1490's - lawyers were acting as councillors

Council Learned in Law enforced Recognisances (formal acknowledgement of debt) - used for both revenue & punishment

1490's - administration problems = dealt with by committees & councils powered by strong legal minds 

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Anti Noble?

Green & Pollard say Henry relied on use of threats to control nobility


Order of Garter - rarely used

Acts of Attainder - frequently used for punishment

Bonds & Recognisances - frequently used as a threat 

Acts against Retaining & Maintenance - punishment for private armies & unlawful justice

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Stern but Fair?

Willams - Henry wasn't anti-noble but was intolerant of those who abused their position of power


Acts of Attainders - used as punishment for Richard III supporters after Bosworth 1485

Bonds & Recognisances - used to ensure obedience & revenue

1487 Star Chamber Act - court for noble cases (clearly nobility was a focus in Henry's mind)

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