Healthcare Enterprise Applications

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  • Healthcare Enterprise Applications
    • Electronic Health Records
      • a netword-based software package that groups an enrire patient history into one easy-asccess file
    • Inventory Control Managment
      • These offer more functions than a simple stock-control program. the application keeps track of stock levels of different items and automatically records them when numbers reach a certain level
    • Customer Relationship Management
      • the customer is the patient and the application is aimed at using patient data to help thye hospital provide a berrer service ands match patient needs
    • Finalce and Accountancy
      • inventory data is automatically linked with thr hospital finance department, so there is no need for data to be re-enterd.
    • Human Recorces Managment
      • focuses on the recruitment and retention of staff at the hospital. the hospital workload has to be determined on a regular basus as many hospitals make use of agency staff when they are overstreched.
    • bar Code patient Identification
      • Identifys patients who allways wear wristbands, the wristband is scanned to identify a patient the EHR is opend to confirm the patientd identity and recoment the correct treatment.


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