EdExcel IGCSE - Application & Effects & The Social Impact of ICT

Just notes that I made for my ICT GCSE exams.

Please don't share this as your own as I've spent more than 5 hours making this.

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Joanna Ko | 11vb
Payrolls are used to manage wages and salaries of the
There is a lot of data to put into account and may need a
few days or processing.
Workers are paid in arrears--they are paid for the week
before the one they have just worked. This means that the
payroll system has one week to process the payroll data.
Swipe cards
Each employee has a swipe card that carries:
A unique employee number
Clockin time
Clockout time
This information is passed onto the ICT systems every time
the card is swiped.
Validation checks are made on all data that passes through the system.
This is to ensure that the data is appropriate and accurate.
The data can be checked against a table of known employees (table lookup) the clockin
and clockout times are of a reasonable range (range check) e.g. the clockin time must
be `less' than the clockout equivalent.
Invalid data is corrected before it is processed any further.
Valid data is processed onto the transaction file [abbreviated tfile] (this data changes
Master files
Data that does not change frequently is saved on an old master file [abbreviated mfile],
which every employee has one of. It contains:
Employee #
Employee name
Address and other contact details
Hourly rate of pay
Details of the tax to be paid
Cumulative totals of the tax paid during the current tax year
Employee's bank account details
For every employee, the record on the transaction file and the corresponding record on the
master file are quickly matched so that the data is available when the payroll program runs.
Payroll programs
Once the data has been captured and validated, it can be input into the payroll program.
In the program, the tfile will be matched to the equivalent mfile. A new mfile will be
created containing the new data.
The program pays directly to the employee's bank account through electronic fund
transfer (EFT).
These are done for security purposes and can be generated as a consequence of the need
to create a new master file every time the program is run.

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Ancestral backup systems are used because they provide three levels of backup (even
four at times). The table below explains the levels:
Son New master file ­ will become the old master file when the
payroll program is run again
Father Old master file ­ stored securely but accessibly, possibly on site
Grandfathe Previous old master file ­ stored securely, possible on site
Corresponding copies must also be kept just in case the current files get lost.…read more

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1. Decide on seat on flight
2. The flight information and booking file must be updated (on the airline's side) so that
further enquiries show the seat has already been booked
3. Those particular seats will also be locked out to avoid double booking
4. Tickets may be printed out on the spot or at a later date
5.…read more

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The data held on a barcode identifies the product and includes the product code and the
check digit.
When the barcode is scanned i.e. the item is purchased, the data is transmitted to the main
computer and checked against the check digit of the main computer--if it doesn't match, a
rescan is asked for. If they match, the product code is then checked against the product
info e.g. name of product, price.…read more

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Main computer may be a general computer used for a range of applications, but it
must have the sufficient capacity to handle communications from all POS terminals
and sufficient storage to record details about all products.
Ecommerce (online shopping)
Online shopping is the buying or selling or goods or a service on the Internet.
Customers log on to the company website where categories, products and prices will be
shown.…read more

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If the PIN is correct, the customer is asked to select a transaction from the list
displayed. If the option of a withdrawal or a transfer is selected, the computer
checks his account to see if there is a sufficient amount of money
5.…read more

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A CAD system uses a computer hardware and software in the drawing of engineering or
architectural designs. It is designed to make it easier to produce detailed plans and accurate
technical drawings.
It contains software that provides a set of standard components and basic elements like
points, lines, circles, shapes and solids, from which CAD drawings can be constructed.
They can produce 3D drawings that can be rotated and viewed at different angles on the
screen.…read more

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Weather stations are simply groups of sensors that provide useful information regarding the
Weather forecasting
Weather forecasting tries to predict what weather conditions will be like by measuring and
observing the current weather and supplying the data to a supercomputer.
Robots are hardware devices that perform physical tasks, which may be complex industrial
or manufacturing tasks e.g. welding, paint spraying, assembling products, packaging,
handling dangerous substances and assembling cars.…read more

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This was developed to organize the supply, movement and maintenance of an armed force
under operational conditions.
Logistics could involve the organization of:
Information (the integration and coordination of information about customers'
needs) e.g.…read more

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These systems are widely used to help with the daytoday running of schools. They can be
used for various purposes: to store students' records, to produce class lists, to register
students, to produce reports, to manage book loans from the school library, to construct
the school timetable etc.
Support automatic reporting e.g. attendance at school and SIMS can automatically
contact parents of the absence of their child using email, letter or telephone.…read more


Eleonora Della

Do you have notes for the other chapters? If yes please please could you share them? I found your notes the best of all I've found up to now! Great job! :)

Miss Morgan

A comprehensive set of notes, clearly identifying key elements and highlighting strengths and weaknesses for easy revision.  










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Great Revision Source

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