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ICT has impacted the medical industry in several
different ways. This presentation will cover the 5 main
aspects of ICT the medicine industry uses:
Medical Equipment
Expert Systems
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Video and Teleconferencing
aids support, diagnosis and the sharing of patient
findings and information
Mobile devices
keeps emergency and in-work staff connected, allows
for patient-doctor communication and provides for the
emergency services.
The Internet
Allows for contact between medical staff and patients
and gives a cheap method of
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Equipment for diagnosis such as MRI scanners depend
on computers to produce results that are readable.
Lasers are also used during surgery providing more
precision and certainty for patients.
Life support systems and Therapeutic equipment
depend on computers to maintain a the bodily functions
of patients
Medical Monitors and readers help doctors and patients
to keep track and measure a patients medical state
through sensors.
With advanced equipment, less staff is needed and so
long term costs to the medical industry are cut
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The use of computers in surgeries, dentists and hospitals
is increasing significantly
Computers keep records clean and organised
Computers make it easier to store files and take up less
Storing files on computers is safer (automatic backup
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Medical research can be shared in medical journals on
the internet allowing for global access to information
that scientists can use for reference and collaboration
when studying and producing new medicine and
advances in anatomical understanding
Clinical trials can be conducted virtually reducing test
subject risk
Muddassar Riaz and Dannielle Deans…read more

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