Re - drugs,alcohol and tobacco

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  • Health problems caused by:
    • Alcohol
      • Drinking heavily increases the risks of developing
        • Liver problems
        • Heart disease
        • Stomach disorders
        • Cancer
        • Sexual difficulties e.g impontence
        • Mental health problems
        • Obesity
        • Addiction
      • Drinking alcohol increases the risks of accidents
        • 1 in 7 road deaths are caused by drinking alcohol
    • Tobacco
      • Smoking can cause
        • Various cancers
        • Coronary heart disease
        • Stroke
        • Emphysema
        • Chronic bronchitis
      • Smoking increases the risk of at least 50 medical conditions e.g dementia
      • It can affect men's fertility
      • Smoking during pregnancy increases the chance of complications such as premature birth, stilbirth, low birth weight
    • Drugs
      • Many deaths of drug users are caused by bacterial or viral infections, liver or cardiovascular and diseases or self harm
      • The physical health of users can be damaged by the toxic effects of a drug, dependence or the way it's used such as infections from a dirty needle
      • Heavy users often have psychiatric illnesses


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