Health, Fitness and a Healthy lifestyle (part 1)

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  • Health, Fitness and a Healthy Lifestyle
    • Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
      • Smoking, drugs and excessive alcohol can negatively influence your health.
        • Smoking can cause a greater risk of developing serious diseases such as lung cancer
        • Alcohol in the short term causes drunkness, with a lack of coordination and vomiting. In the long term it can cause severe damage to the liver, muscles and heart as well as mental illness and damage to the immune system
        • Illegal drugs, sports enhancing drugs and prescription drugs are all chemical substances which alter the biochemical system when they enter the body, so they should only be used under medical supervision
      • Being healthy isn't just feeling or looking good. Components includes safety, nutrition, personal hygeine, environmental and psychological aspects, sex education and even family life
    • Good exercise habits
      • Good exercise habits could include: Walking rather than driving, trying to walk for the least part of a journey, use a bicycle as your chosen choice of transport, and use the stairs rather than a lift.
      • Benefits could include: improving body shape, relieving stress and tension, helping you sleep better, reducing the chances of getting illness and disease, toning up your body and improving your posture and helping to improve basic levels of strength, stamina and flexibility.
    • Effects of becoming more healthy
      • Physical condition will improve
      • Long term aims will lead to positive effects, but this is a lifestyle choice.
      • Short- term effects include: increased heart and breathing rate, increased body temperature, reddening of your skin and a feeling of tiredness or heaviness in some of the muscles you use.


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