Outcome 3 Practise Essay

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  • Practice Essay
    • Fear/Repression
      • **/SA
      • Gestapo
        • Arrest people
        • Search houses
        • Wire-taps
        • Thought to be more powerful than they actually were
      • Concentration Camps
        • Dachau
      • Control of media
        • (Leads back to propaganda)
      • Laws
        • Jews banned from public schools
        • Banned Jews from many public places
        • All passports to be invalidated
        • Restricted freedom
        • All Jewish doctors banned
      • Communists /Political Opponents
        • "removed"
      • page 160-161
      • Nazi Party made only legal party in Germany
    • Propaganda
      • Olympics
        • Mixed successes
        • Created traditions that are still in use today
          • Olympic Torch
        • Began August 1st, 1936
        • Non-Aryan athletes were excluded from all sports teams throughout Germany
        • “Every German athlete should voluntarily participate in strengthening the military might of the German people.” —Hans von Tschammer und Osten, Reich Sports Office Director, April 30, 1933
        • The US was originally against participation
      • Radios
        • Widely available
        • Spread Nazi ideology
        • "What press had been for the nineteenth century, radio will be for the twentieth." - Goebbels
        • “We National Socialists must show enough dynamism and enthusiasm coupled with lightning speed to impress Germany and the whole world. Party comrade Dr. Goebbels ordered me on July 13th to purge German radio of influence opposed to our cause. I can now report that the work has been thoroughly done.” - Hadamowsky
        • Cost 35/72 marks initially, then cost 2 marks a month
        • Listening to overseas radio stations was a punishable offense
      • The Nazis created the Volkswagen ("People''s Car) and made it cheap and widely available
        • Also built the Autobahn so that they would be able to send soldiers into the country easily, but the public was told it was so people could easily holiday in the countryside with their new Volkswagens
      • Schools
        • Textbooks
          • Blatant racial and military-based maths problems
        • Enforced discipline
        • "Summer Camps"
          • Military training


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