Causes of movement

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  • Consequences of movement
    • Health and diease
      • Indigenous and Travellers
        • Indigenous were infected with chickenpox, smallpox, influenza and emasles
        • Travelers were infected with Malaria, Hepatitis A and B and typhoid
      • Immunity was the biggest factor, but over the years travelers and the indigenous built up immunity to these dieases
      • The Yanomami
        • Northern Brazil
        • Over 1,00 miners occupy the terriroy illegally
        • The Yamomami have little resistence to potential fatal dieases which the miners transmit as well as STD's as cases of **** rise
        • In 2009, 500 new caes of malria were found among the population of 16,000
      • For culture this means...
        • High infant mortality rates and lowered fertility and birth rate
          • Disease that strike the young will mean they could die or will be unable to reproduce themselves
        • Dependancy on western drugs
          • Those who seek help from the west may be disowned from their communties
          • Shamans and witches knowledge and power is undermined - so the hierarchies are impacted
        • Dieases also strikes at the oldest and wisest members of the society, social knowledge leaves with them as they did, unable for the young to carry on the traditions
    • identity and diaspora
      • Cultural hybridity, when more than one culture is blended through one or more people
      • Cultural colonialsim, when people move without the intetntion of integrating into the the new culture, maintain their original one
        • It can also be the asymmetrical influence of one culture over another e.g.  the spread of capitalism, the dominant culture suppresses and marginalizes minor cultures
      • Barthes found that people have merged their language to create a new one, such as Singlish
      • Commodification in cultural terms means some play up to the stereotype for economic gain
        • But also the selling of national, historical or cultural sites like Uluru


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