Unit 3: Factors for Migration Out of Africa

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  • Factors for Migration (Out Of Africa).
    • They came off the trees. The most likely reason for this is that they needed food.
    • The body evolved and adapted to their environment
      • For Example: They became bipedal, gained brain got bigger, became taller in order to see over the tall grass.
    • The societies changed.
      • The societies grew in numbers meaning there was a strain on resources and also a lot more in the way of conflict.
      • Languages were developed.
      • Tools were created.
      • Hierachies were created which can also cause social conflicts.
    • Humans are naturally curious meaning they would of moved due to curiosity as well.
    • This was possible because the continents at the time were a lot closer together and the sea levels were different from what they are now and the cultural adaptions we made by making fires and shelters etc.


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