Global challenges case studies

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  • Global challenges case studies
    • Hazards
      • Philippines
        • Key hazard types
          • Volcanoes- Pinitubo
            • It lies in the destructive plate boundary and has high frequency
          • Drought
            • Happens because of  El Nino
          • Typhoon
            • Warm water sea is supposed to be 27oc the warm water causes evaporation
          • Flood
            • La Nina causing warm water an more evaporation
          • Earthquake
            • Due to the destructive plate boundary
      • California
        • Key hazard types
          • Earthquakes- San Andrea fault
            • Due to the conservative plate boundary
          • Land slides on the north east coast
            • Due to heavy rain fall on the hills
          • Wild fires
            • In California mountains hot air rises causing fanning flames on the mountain tops. The high wind blows east to west which cause the rapid spread of fire.
          • Drought
            • caused when there is no rain for a long period of time and very hot humid weather.
          • Flooding
            • Caused by El Nino as heavy rain due to warm waters and avaporation
    • Climate change
      • Africa
        • Loss of crops everywhere
          • Social economic impact
          • Rising sea levels at coast kills crops
          • Drought makes it impossible for crops to grow
        • Increased temperatures 0.5oc warmer
          • Social and environmental impact
          • Due to climate change
        • Rising sea levels
          • Environmental impact
          • Due to permafrost melting and thermal expansion
      • Arctic
        • Sea ice melting
          • Environmental impact
          • Sea temperature rising and global temperature rising
        • polar  bears
          • Environmental impact
          • Sea ice melting which reduces the habitat and hunting ground for polar bears
        • Permafrost
          • Environmental impact
          • Melting ice releases methane powerful green house gasses
        • Trees
          • Environmental impact
          • More trees growing tandura getting smaller as more trees taking over the ice
        • Ice caps
          • Environmental impact
          • Increased global temperature. more ice caps melting


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