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GOING GLOBAL…read more

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Who? What?
· Disney is an American, globally recognized brand
and diversified mass media company consisting of:
· Satellite and cable TV companies
· Film/ TV production and distribution companies
· Toys companies
· Record labels and music publishing
· Theme parks and resorts
· Cruise line
· Etc.…read more

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How they demonstrate the process of globalisation
· Globalisation can be defined as growth to a global or
worldwide scale and this process is very evident in Disney
· They have workers overseas in China and Vietnam
· A textile factory in Bangladesh sew shirts for Disney
· Disneyland in Tokyo has a toy supplier in China
· Disney owns Spanish-speaking radio stations, foreign
language TV channels and a Chinese-language radio
station in Hong Kong…read more

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How influential Disney is
· Urban planners have imitated Disney's ways of managing
theme parks and people movement
· Disney has a great influence over media as Disney TV
Channels broadcast 24 hours a day in North Africa, the
Middle East, Europe, Australia, Malaysia and Cuba.
· Governments are also influenced by Disney. US government
enforces copyright protection for Disney and the French
government paid $2 billion towards EuroDisney, providing
30,000 jobs.…read more

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· A global group of energy and petrochemicals companies
· Around 90,000 employees in more than 80 countries and
· Help to meet the worlds growing needs in economically,
environmentally and socially responsible (sustainable) ways
· Innovative approach ensures that they are ready to help
tackle the challenges of the new energy future…read more

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Businesses (vertical integration):
· Upstream explores for and extracts crude oil and natural
Focus on exploring for new oil and gas reserves
Develop major projects where their technology and know-how adds
value to the resource holders
· Downstream refines, supplies, trades and ships crude
worldwide, manufactures and markets a range of products,
and produces petrochemicals for industrial customers
· Projects & Technology manages delivery of Shell's major
projects and drives the research and innovation to create
technology solutions…read more


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