Geography Unit 1 Going Global

My exam is on Thursday and I made this little revision guide for Unit 1, I basically went through the specification and got down everything I needed to know. Hope this helps!

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Geography revision: Going Global
Globalisation: is the growing interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume
and variety of cross border transaction in goods and services, freer international capital flows and
more rapid and widespread diffusion of technology.
Aspects of globalisation:
Is globalisation new?
Roman Empire; 2000+ years ago. Brought cultural beliefs, language, trade, politics and
Trades and goods; creating a global economic system, 17th century. Empires ­ British and
other European
War; globalisation shifted, it was disrupted and damaged, particularly for European
countries but the US benefited
Global companies; leading the way of globalisation.
Factors responsible for globalisation
International organisations; IMF regulates financial system. It lends money so countries can
be more financially stable. Also brings people, money, and information together. The World
Bank offers money to poorer nations and helps develop and also loads to fund development.
WTO regulates rules of trade.
New markets; exchange encourages more global trade and increase prosperity of
developing countries (opens new markets e.g. India and China). Also it involves buying and
selling shares at stock exchange and it's getting bigger in LICs.
TNCs; some generate more money that GDP of nation, e.g. Shell has bigger revenues of
combined GDP of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Also TNCs are changing culture, more of the
world is becoming westernised. And is the driving force (economic, political, cultural, occur
between countries)
Improved communications; transport means cheaper flights, growth in container shipping,
200m. Individual continental movements take place each year. Plus, IT and internet means
you can Skype, expand new areas, CAD CAM.
Population is a system
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Push Factors Pull factors
Natural disaster Hazard free area
War Freedom of speech
Political conflict Political and asylum
Unemployment Jobs
Poverty Good welfare e.g. schools, hospitals, etc.…read more

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Economic Political
LIC e.g. Somalia NAFTA (North American Free Trade
HIC e.g. Germany Agreement) e.g. Canada
NIC e.g. China Caricom e.g. Barbados
OPEC (Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries) e.g. COSESA e.g. Angola
UAE ASEAN e.g. Singapore
OCED (Organisation For Economic Cooperation
And Development) e.g. Sweden
Ex-soviet states e.g.…read more

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Global Networks
Technology builds global networks:
200 AD ­ worlds first sailing ships
1500-1700s ­ industrial canals and stage coach routes reduce land travel times
Early 1800s ­ first steam ship
Late 1800s ­ transatlantic telegraph cable
Early 1900s ­ first motor car company, first television, Boeing commercial flights
Late 1900s ­ first mobile phone, WWW
Network and flows
Shows how different places are linked and flows are movements of: money, manufacturing goods
and services, information and people.…read more

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£29 one way flights
300 flight routes
From 1995 to 2006 passengers increased to nearly 33 million.
Became a TNC in 1998: acquired 40% of Swiss air company TEA Basel AG
Slogan: `making flights affordable as a pair of jeans'
95% of flights made online
Places now switched on because of EasyJet e.g. Estonia
People go to Tallinn for stag and hen dos. This brought money in by hotels, bars, restaurants
etc.…read more

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Currently 60% Britons work to pay pension to the 215 retired
1946, state pension for all retired people over 65. There are other company/personal
pensions and there are other benefits e.g. winter fuel allowance (£200), free TV licence,
free travel pass
Pensioners good for family support, look after the kids
Strain on healthcare, more retirement homes means more nurses needed
Old people living longer means shortage of houses and that leads to house prices increasing.
Some areas have more old people than others e.g.…read more

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In 2008, 8 lower income countries joined the EU: Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Slovenia,
Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Host Source
27,000 child benefit claims Poland legislation drafted to encourage
They shop in small local shops poles to come back ­ better salaries.…read more

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Emrana Khatun 8…read more

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World Cities
Home of Bollywood, make more films than Hollywood which makes it world's biggest film
80% commuters take public transport
40% of international flights land in Mumbai
Central position in Asia, close to China and the west
60% live in slums
Train arrives every 3 minutes also have `lady's special train'
7 million live in shanty towns near the railway
33% of India's entire revenue
Global hub of TNCs e.g.…read more

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Time zone; trade with Asia ain the morning and America in the evening
2012 Olympics
7.8 million population
One of hubs for stock exchange
Good transport links: Heathrow (busiest airport in the world, 4 terminals) and ¾ of air
passengers go through London which generates 14% of UK tax revenue
Finance and tourism biggest industry ­ finance has a 550,000 growth in jobs since 1993 and
tourists spend £15 billion in London (London eye, Buckingham palace, parliament, etc.…read more



is this still suitable? and it this for Edexcel?

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