Disaster Hotspot Case Study - The Philippines

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Disaster Hotspot Case Study - The Philippines

The Philippines is a disaster hotspot ..

The Philippines is a group of islands in South-East Asia with a vulnerable population at risk from a variety of hazards.

1) Volcanoes

  • The Philippines is near to a destructive plate boundary, where the Philippine plate is being subducted beneath the Eurasian plate.
  • The islands were formed by a combination of folding at the boundary and volcanoes formed from magma that has risen to the surface from the mantle below
  • Mount Pinatubo is a volcano that erupted in 1991. Many people were evacuated, buildings collapsed, crops were destroyed and agricultural land was ruined by falling ash.

2) Earthquakes

  • The Philippine plate and the Eurasian plate can become locked together as one moves under the other. This causes pressure to build up. When the pressure is too much the plates jerk past each other, causing an earthquake
  • Earthquakes also occur at fault lines in the area, where the plate has cracked under pressure
  • Earthquakes occur daily, but most can't be felt (they're low on the Richter Scale)
  • An earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred on Luzon Island in 1990, killing over 1500 people

3) Landslides

  • The Philippines gets a lot of rain. If a lot of rain falls in a short space of time in areas with steep slopes, landslides can occur
  • Landslides can also be triggered by earthquakes
  • A landslide occurred on Leyte Island in 2006 after it had been raining heavily for 10 days. A whole village was buried (including a school), killing hundreds

4) Typhoons

  • The Philippines have around 10 typhoons every year
  • They develop in the Pacific Ocean and move westwards over the islands
  • Typhoon Xangsane swept across Manila and the surrounding




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