Glasgow- slum clearance CDA

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  • Glasgow- Slum clearance (1957-74)
    • tackling slum clearance and traffic congestion
    • Hutchesontown
      • 1987- replacement housing built in 1960s was demolished
      • originally contained old, crowded, 4 storey tenement houses
        • rents were low and landlords spent little caring for buildings
      • CDA policy=> 68.3% drop in population between 1961-1971
      • failure
        • bad design and contrustion
    • slum clearance
      • constructed high tower blocks, and peripheral council buildings
        • built far from the site of former homes
        • community structure destroyed+ not replaced
        • 5 new town and council estates were built on outskirts
        • 500k people dispersed to new towns eg. Cumbernauld
        • unpopular- poor design and rushed construction => damp + vermin
        • lack basic amenities
      • Rejected by the people- no agreement with residents
    • Traffic congestion
      • M8 constructed in late 1960s
      • house clearance
        • similar effect as slum clearance
        • thousands of families had to rehouse
    • government funding comprehensive redevelopment


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