Urbanisation Mumbai

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  • Urbanisation Mumbai
    • 60% of urbanisation is due to natural increase
    • 22% due to migration
    • 18% due to expansion of administrative boundaries
    • Mumbai
      • 6th most populated metropolitan area in the world
      • 20 million people, density of 27,000 per sq km
      • Attracts rural migrants seeking poverty
      • Attracts those away from poverty in villages
      • Fragile infrastructure is collapsing due to pressure from population
    • Mumbai slums house 60% of population
    • Slum clearance policies
      • 70s- provision of civic amenities (water, electricity)
      • 76- enlarge area for lower/middle class houses to be built. Upper class homes were built instead.
      • 80s- Slum upgrading, giving plots of land to slum households. Targeted 10-12% of slum pop.
      • 80s- Developers allocate 20% or more of housing projects to affordable housing.
      • Slum rehabilitation 95'-slums demolished and lucrative tower blocks are built on the land.
        • Benefits of SRA
          • 100,000 free apartments built
          • Moves people into permanent housing
          • New dignity and peaceful
        • Costs of SRA
          • Poor people not able to afford it
          • May become ghettos
          • Slum dwellers may lose self-sufficient


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