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  • Jembatan Basi
    • Background Information
      • Found in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta
      • 1/4 of Jakarta live in slums
      • Jembatan Besi is a slum on the banks of the river Ciliwung with a population of 4000
    • Housing Conditions
      • Densely populated
      • Original houses have had extra floors added
      • Made from scrapwood and metal
      • Few homes have toilets or running water
    • Environmental Quality
      • Air pollution from kerosene cooking
      • Groundwater polluted by sewage
    • Access to resources
      • Limited access to clean food and water
      • water pumps available are highly polluted
      • No access to sanitation
      • No acces to healthcare
    • Income
      • Average income is $4 per day however income is irregular
        • Income generally comes from selling second hand goods, food or garments
    • Health
      • Many diseases common from unlean water e.g. cholera and typhoid


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