Case study 2 - Access to services - Shopping

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  • GEOGRAPHYCase study 2 - Access to services - Shopping
    • Reasons why Meadowhall is so attractive to shops (good and bad points of Meadowhall)
      • Near to suburban housing (labour force)
      • Modern with new facilities
      • Near motorway intersections (accessibility)
      • Under-cover shopping
      • Catchment area
      • cinema, leisure, attractions for children
      • Access to large variety of shops
      • 9 million people live within an hour away
      • railway stations nearby (2)
      • 12,000 parking spaces
      • constructed on a brownfield site
      • space for expansion
      • tram link
      • traders not attracted to the city as there is graffiti
      • cheaper land
  • Shopping in Sheffield has changed. Many shops have left the CBD and moved to the outskirts of the in city in a large out-of-town shopping centre called Meadowhall
    • CBDs became unattractive to shops because:
      • Shop rents were expensive
      • Less Shopers
      • Shoppers get wet outside
      • Limited range of shops and goods
      • Rise of internet shopping


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