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Case Study 1

A Case Study for Housing in an Urban Area: Tenure, Access, Opportunities, Constraints and Patterns.

Name and Locate: Newcastle Under Lyme, Loggerheads, Outer Suburbs, Cross Heath, Inner City

Logger Heads Tenure: 82% own thir own home, semi-detached, new, detached. 67% have at least 3 A levels. SAT scores are 85. Low access to service. 8% suffer with poor health.

Cross Heath Tenure: 50% own their own home & 50% social housing. 33.39% residents are 20-44 year olds. Close to the CBD, good access to services. 14% suffer with poor health. 

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Case Study 2

A Case Study of the Distribution and Variation of Retail Service Provision and the Ways in which such Provision is Changing within one large Urban Area:

Name and Locate: Shopping has moved to the suburbs

Merry Hill developed 1985-1990

Over 300 stores

13000 free parking spaces

Inner city, rise in Express Stores, Tesco's have 50 new each year

Rise in internet sales

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Case Study 3

A Case Study of one other service and of the Factors which Affect Access to that Service for Different Groups of People.

Name and Locate: Barcelona, Northern Spain, Sarria-Sant Gervasi, El Raval

Population 1.5 million

Access to Leisure Service, Badminton

Distributed evenly, but 5 in Sarria-Sant Gervasi, affluent area

0 in El Raval, less affluent area

27% foreign migrants in El Raval

Spain migrant population 7.2%

Sarria-Sant Gervasi 36.7% have higher qualifications

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Case Study 4

A Case Study of Rural to Urban Migration: Patterns, Reasons and Impacts

Name and Locate:  Limpopo (rural area) to Johannesburg, Guateng Province (urban area), South Africa, LEDC

249,000 people moved from Limpopo to Guateng in 2005

Limpopo 60% people live below poverty line

Limpopo: 120,000 children complete primary education

Guateng: 320,000 children complete primary education

Young people usually migrate, causing brain drain

130 million have left rural area but send money home

In Johannesburg 316,000 jobs created

In the last 5 years, 16,427 street lights have been added

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Case Study 5

A Case Study of one planning issue. Consider the plans, stakeholders and reasons for conflict.

Name and Locate: HS2 is a new high speed rail line that will connect London to Birmingham, 2 of the biggest cities in the UK.

400m long trains

1,100 seat per train

speed of 250mph

cost £50 billion

UK Government divided

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Case Study 6

A Case Study of Conflict at a Local Scale related to the Opportunities for Leisure Use of a Rural Environment and Ways in which Management Attempts to Balance Change and Sustainability

Name and Locate: Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England

15.8 million people visit the Lake District each year

23 million people live within 3 hours drive of Bowness

42,000 people live in the Lake District National Park

Near Hawkshead 40% of all homes are second homes

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Case Study 7

A Case Study of one Extreme Weather Event: the Causes, Effects on Different Groups of People and Responses to Hazards

Name and Locate: Europe in 2003

Anticyclone, areas of High Pressure bringing dry, settled periods of weather. In the UK, one isobar of 1020, showing high pressure, clear skies and low wind speeds. Anticyclone stayed over Europe for several weeks

UK received 25% of rainfall it should from July-August

Hottest day Faversham, Kent, 10th August, 38.5 degrees centigrade

30,000 people died across Europe & 14,000 deaths in France

Normally in August France would have 50 people with heat exhaustion, increased to 500

Water use limited, education, France help from EU, Network Rail speed restrictions (temperature 30 degrees centigrade)

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Case Study 8

A Case Study of one Ecosystem: Processes, Benefits for People, Impact of Human Activity and Management

Name and Locate:  The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil, South America, 23 degrees North and Soth between Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn

Covers an area of 5.5 million sq miles

By 2030 the Amazon will decrease by 40%

Slash and Burn, Subsistence Farmers clear the land for Cattle Ranching, after 3/4 years the land is infertile. 70% of farmland used to be part of the Amazon

80% of logging in Brazil is illegal

Encouraged Bindustries to locate here, profits have settled debt

Changes in climate. 10% of current greenhouse gas emissions is due to deforestation

Aforestation, Selective Logging, Ecotourism

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Case Study 9

A Case Study of an Area Suffering from Desertification: Causes, Effects and Management

Name and Locate: The Sahel, North Africa, Sub Sahara

Covers an area of 3 million sq miles, countries: Mali, Niger and Chad

In 2004 a swarm of locust consumed nearly 100% of crops

In 2006, 5.2 million people were short of food

Causes: Deforestation, over-cultivation and over-grazing

Sahel has suffered from drought for the last 30 years

Aid, in 2005 the UK Government gave £3 million to the World Food Programme to help Niger. 

245 cereal banks have opened

Eden Project, established 1994, to plant fruit trees

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Case Study 10

A Case Study of a River Flood at a Regional Scale: the Physical and Human Causes and Effects

Name and Locate: Cockermouth is a town in the County of Cumbria, North West England. Flooded by the Rivers Cocker and Derwent

Relief Rainfall, warm, very moist air from south west hit the Cumbrian Mountains. Heavy rainfall: 400mm in 24 hours, highest record, previously 316mm

A confluence of the rivers derwent and Cocker

Urbanisation & Blocked sewers

21 schools were closed

Emergency reception areas opened to house 200 residents

8 out of 10 buisnesses were flooded

£200 million to repair Cockermouth, £28,000 to repair the avaerage home

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Case Study 11

A Case Study of Management of a River at a Local Scale

Name and Locate: Cockermouth is a town in the Cunty of Cumbria, North West England. Flooded by the Rivers Coker and Derwent

120 metre wide self-closing flood barriers have been oinstalled to protect 400 homes and businesses

Maintainace of the existing flood walls & flood gate, without these an additional 119 properties would be at risk

Federation of small buisnesses opened an emergancy disaster recovery, eneabling people to have a £5,000 loan to repair their property and pay for any damages

Environmental Agancy designed new flood defences as a new flood-risk management scheme, reducing the risk of flooding to 360 homes and 55 buisnesses. Approximate cost £4.4 million, began in 2012

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Case Study 12

A Case Study of a Coastal Environment: the Processes Affecting this Coast, it's Landforms and Management

Name and Locate: Dorset Coast, Lyme Regis, a small town in the south coast of the UK. It is located in the county of Dorest, close to the English Channel

Processes: erosion, deposition, transportation & longshore drift

Landforms: beaches, cliffs headlands and bays

Management: sea walls, groynes, beach replenishment

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