Case Study 2: Retail Services in Colchester

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  • Case Study 2: Retail Services in Colchester
    • Types of Shopping Locations
      • Central Business District
        • Centre of Colchester
        • Accessible by car/bus/train
        • Department /specialist stores
      • Outer Suburbs: Tollgate
        • Superstore, fast-food restaurants; DIY, electronic and furniture stores
        • Access by car plus bus stops; close to A12
        • Still developing routes to/from Tollgate
      • Suburban Estates
        • Small shopping centres
        • Provide convenience goods
      • Outer Suburbs: Highwoods
        • Tesco superstore selling convenience goods + comparison goods
        • Easy access to A12
    • Changes in Retail Provision
      • Corner shops close in Inner City areas (can't compete with supermarkets)
      • Independent shops in CBD shut (can't compete with major chains)
      • Supermarkets in outer suburbs can develop due to space
      • Internet shopping with delivery cuts travelling costs


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