Case Study: London


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Case Study: London

CBD = central business district

  • In the CBD there are likely to be fairly modern apartments, potentially expensive, local entrertainment, coucil estate, terraced houses, high rise block of flats, key worker housing (for teachers ect), retail outlets ie the Trocadero, Harrods, Hamleys, entertainment at the O2 arena.
  • On the outskirts of town detached semi-detatched housing, major shopping centres ie westfield in Shepards Bush. On the edge of town more major super markets.

How does this effect different groups of people?

  • Commuters, surburban shopping centres have made services more conveniant.
  • The unemployd = cant access the services in the suburbs because they cant afford detached houses.
  • Key workers, housing allows nurses and teachers to live near work and the center of town ie entertainment. Teachers cant afford to live in london on current wages.
  • Families, they can live on the edge of town. Open space available, less crime in out of town areas and possibly better schools.
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