Geography Case Study TRS

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  • Tropical Revolving Storms
    • Haiyan
      • Hit the Philippians on the 8th of November 2013
      • 5000 people died out of a population of 98 million
        • 200 still missing
      • 4.5 million homeless due to 3 million houses being destroyed by the storm
      • 200 tonnes of aid given and the UK gave £10 million
      • 8000 typhoid injections
      • The cost of the damage amounted to £3.6 Bn
        • Gulf stream was 3C warmer increasing the severity of the storm
    • Sandy
      • 203 people died out of a population of 8.1 million
      • There was already a storm called Noreaster which fuelled Sandy
      • No presence of the Bermuda high (an anti cyclone that forms over the US) that would've divereted the storm
      • 20,000 999 calls per hour
      • Sub way shut for the first time in 20 years
      • No electricity
      • 111 homes out of 2800 survived
      • Ocured on the 22 of octobre 2012
      • Also caused due to the 3oC increase in the temperature of the jet stream
      • $50Bn worth of damage
    • Ingredient of a TRS
      • 50-70m of water
      • 27C water temprature
      • 5-20o N and S of the Equator
      • Corioliss effect causes the TRS to spin
      • Low pressure


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