Global Development - Gender

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  • Gender
    • Sen: Gender Inequalities
      • Nationality: Patriarchal culture leads to child gender preference and gender selecting abortion.
      • Morality: Women generally outlive men, not true everywhere.
      • Household: Unfair gender division of labour
      • Basic Facilities: Women lack access to institutions (education).
      • Special Opportunities: Women encounter more barriers with higher education.
      • Professional: Horizontal and vertical segregation in the workplace = under-represented.
      • Ownership: Assets are shared unequally, restricting women's influence in business.
    • Explaining Gender Inequalities
      • Modernisation Theory
        • Integration thesis: Traditional cultures are patriarchal and emphasise ascribed statuses = Women locked into subordinate lives from birth
        • Gender inequalities act as a barrier to development, prevents 50% of the  population engaging in economic activity.
      • Dependency Theory
        • Patriarchy has been imposed on the majority world. Colonial powers brought patriarchal culture.
      • Exploitation Thesis: Gender inequalities have been actively created - Capitalism needs a patriarchal system to exist. Women perform unpaid labour (housework ect). Francis: 85% of workers on low wages = female.
    • Addressing Gender Inequalities
      • Modernisation Theory:
        • Inglehart: Diminishing gender inequality = Inevitable outcome of industrialisation.
        • Advocate a combination of education and mass media, funded by aid. Also see a place for TNC's = allow women to access jobs.
      • People-Centered Approaches
        • Focus on communities and individuals, allowing them to work directly with women and incorporate all members of society.
        • Microcredit: Core aim of targeting women, allowing them access to the resources needed to improve their lives through investment.


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