Gender Representations in the media

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  • Gender Representations
    • Women Representations
      • The Male Gaze
        • Mulvey
          • Women are represented by the media to give the view (male) visual pleasure through fulfilling the desires of the heterosexual male
      • Representations
        • Tunstall
          • The media present women as
            • Busy housewives
            • Eager consumers (shoppers)
              • Confessions of a shopaholic
            • Contented mothers
            • Sex objects
      • Just Women
        • Focussed on British National Newspapers over 2 weeks
          • Over 1300 news reports portrayed women in limited roles
            • Martinson et al
              • Few stories on women's ability to expertise (skills), its dominated by men
          • Reports focussed on women's appearance
            • Reduced them to equal commodities to be consumed by male gaze
            • Salinas
              • reports emphasis on what they re wearing
      • Killbourne & Wolf
        • Women present at mannequins; tall, thin, long legs, perfects hair & teeth
          • This is used to advertise cosmetics
          • They advertise anything that improve women appearance not self-esteems
      • Does the New Media empower women
        • YES
          • Gauntlett
            • Modern magazines that are aimed at young women encourage "be yourself" attitude
          • Green & Singleton
            • The internet allows women to explore and create new identities
              • It destabilise patriarchy
            • Everyday challenge negative representations in the media
        • NO
          • Women still encounter lots of sexism online via social media
            • Caroline Criado-Perez was subject to 50 **** and murder threats every hr for 2 says from online trolls
    • Men Representations
      • Children Now Research
        • They asked 10-17 years boys there views on male characters they saw in the media
          • they are Violent
          • leaders and problem solvers
          • Funny, confident, successful and athletic
          • Rarely emotional/ cry
          • mostly in the work place not home
      • Metrosexual Male
        • Gauntlett
          • FHM transmit metrosexual values because they show men caring, generous and good-humoured
          • However still images of the macho-man
      • McNamara
        • Media representations of men and boys failed to portray the reality if a masculine life
          • 80% Repeatedly shown as violent, aggressive, thugs and murders and wife and girlfriend bashers
        • Only 20% were shown as men/boys in touch with their feminine side


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