Representation of Gender in the Media

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  • Gender in the Media
    • Masculinity
      • Key Studies:
        • Children Now asked boys 10-17 about perceptions of male characters. 33% had never seen a boy doing domestic chores
        • McNamara - 80% of male representations were negative (irresponsible risk-takers), 20% were positive (emotional connection with children)
    • Femininity
    • Theory
      • Liberal Feminist:
        • Cultural lag - media representations are slow to change in response to women's achievements
        • Lauzen - 2014, females only made up to 12% of protagonists
      • Marxist Feminist
        • Stereotypes of gender are driven by the need for profit in capitalism
        • Wolf - media deliberately manipulates women into believing that beauty goals become central to their happiness.


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