Gender and Theology

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  • Gender & Theology
    • Reuther
      • Views God as more feminine by using feminine terms
        • Jesus embodies the feminine side of Gods nature
      • Chan
        • Many religions have goddesses and so the masculinity of Christianity is what makes it unique
          • This hasn't made the religions any less patriarchal, like Hinduism.
        • Reuther cannot rewrite history, Christianity is patriarchal, so will always see God as more masculine than feminine
    • Daly
      • Christianity unholy trinity - ****, GENOCIDE & WAR
      • Group think is the view that you and members of your group are entitled to treat other groups with less respect
      • Women demonised as witches
      • Spirituality is experience through nature
      • Chan - the unholy trinity and their relationship is more complex then a symbol of male oppressive patriarchy.
        • Chan is not in a legitimate position to criticise her views as he is male
          • Christianity is irreducibly patriarchal


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