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  • Gender
    • Gender and society
      • there are more male figures in the church
      • "wives, submit to your husbands" Ephesians
        • Mulieres Dignitatem- reinforces the dignity of women
      • Nuclear Families and how families are changing
    • Gender and theology
      • Ruether
        • christ was a male
        • Jesus’ challenge to the male warrior messiah expectation
        • wisdom is a woman
          • Jesus is the incarnation of wisdom
      • Daly
        • "If God is man, man is God"
        • There are examples of patriarchy in nature
        • Christianity's unholy trinity of war, **** and genocide
        • she takes examples from the bible to relate to modern day oppression
        • Phallic morality- thinking with genitalia to make decisions
        • Women are reinforcing opression (foot binding/fgm)
        • castrate God to stop rapism
        • Desire to dominate leads to actual ****


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