Gender and changing gender identities

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  • Gender
    • How gender helps shape identity
      • Gender has a significant effect on our identity
        • Especially if we live in a patriarchal society
      • Gender is socially constructed via gender role socialisation
        • Boys and girls are taught to conform to gender hegemonies
        • Gender identity changes over time and place
    • Changing gender identities
      • Both feminine and masculine identities have undergone massive changes in the 20th century
        • Girls no longer conform to the norms of 20th century femininity
          • There is a range of feminine identities such as the traditional identity, the breadwinner, the career woman, the single mother, the laddette etc.
        • Men had a traditional role as breadwinners
          • This came under threat in the 20th century as women went out to work
    • Theories and studies
      • Wilson: Gender roles are a product of biology
      • Oakley, gender role socialisation is done through 4 processes: manipulation, canalisation, verbal appellation and different activities
      • Women in 2017 are more likely to see themselves as equal to men rather than subordinate
      • Connell: subordinate and marginalised masculinity
      • Mac and Ghaill: crisis of masculinity
      • Faludi: Men respond to a crisis of masculinity by blaming feminism and engaging in sexual violence
    • Perspectives
      • Feminists reject the view that femininity and masculinity are the products of biology
      • Feminists argue gender identity is fluid


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