Subject choice

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  • Subject choice
    • Trend in A- level choices
      • Girls choose art, languages and social sciences whilst males choose science and computer - based topics
    • Trend in vocational education
      • 1% of construction apprentices are female
    • Gender role socialisation - external
      • Norman - Girls are socialised more gently and are more protected whilst boys are encouraged to run around and get dirty
      • Explains why there is a gender preference is some topics
      • Postmodernists say there stereotypes are breaking down
    • Gendered subject choice - internal
      • Colley - arts and humanities are seen as feminine topics whilst science and technology is masculine
      • Paechter et al says PE is a masculine topic but girls that studied it worked harder to express femininity in other areas
      • Changing curriculum can alter these gendered images
    • Gender identities within school - internal
      • Skelton et al says they may choose subjects based on their own gender identity
      • Feminists say stereotypical subjects reproduce patriarchy


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