Feminism - Theory (and Methods) Unit 4

Taken from class notes and a revision booklet created by my teacher.

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  • Feminism
    • Radical
      • Emphasise the impact of patriarchy, as is *********** and sex-trafficing. advocate 'lesbian seperatism'
    • Marxist
      • Gender inequalities arise within capitalism. Role of ideology in capitalism. Focus on dual labour theory
    • Liberal
      • Concerned with gender inequalities within education, the family and the work sphere. Equal opportunities and legislation for change.
    • Black
      • Concentrate specifically on the oppression of black women. Other feminists fail to look at gender and race.
    • Postmodern
      • Challenge earlier assumptions around gender identity, as individuals benefit from a range of female and male identities. Sexuality are seen as fluid.
    • Sociology was 'malestream' and ignored the social position of women in its theories
    • Macro-approach


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