GCSE- how I will buckle down.

Ways to change work ethic and school life.

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  • GCSE
    • Revision techniques
      • Que Cards
      • Notes
      • Mindmaps
      • Past papers
      • Study guide questions
    • Things to eliminate
      • Going out
      • Texting/ snapchatting
      • Tumblr and other websites
      • Staying up so late
      • Not doing hw straight away
    • Things to improve on
      • Hw straight away
      • Healthy snacks
      • Write revision notes straight away
      • Extra booklets
      • Keep planner neat
    • The necessisites
      • Hw in on time
      • Never forget books
      • Always revise THOROUGHLY
      • Pack school bag the night before
      • Keep school work neat


need urgent help


Very helpful I should start working on those points

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