GCSE Revision Plan

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  • GCSE Revision
    • When should I revise?
      • One section of a subject every night plus extra on Sunday
    • What do I need to revise the most?
      • History, Geography and Science
    • What grades do I want?
      • 5A*s 4As 1B
      • 3A*s 6As 1B
        • 5A*s 4As 1B
    • Where will I do my revision?
      • In my 5 subject notebooks at the table or in my room
    • What resources will I use?
      • Revision guides. Past papers. Exam specifications. Examiners reports.
    • How will I revise?
      • Do past papers and practice questions. Make notes from revision guides. Create mind maps
  • 3A*s 6As 1B


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