ICT GCSE UNIT 3 User Experience Honeycomb

Exploring the user experience hoenycomb of digital produts. For Unit 3 ICT Edexcel Double Award.

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  • User experience honeycomb
    • Usable
      • The product must be easy to use.
      • If the user finds it hard to use they probably won't use it again.
    • Desirable
      • The value of image, identity and brand is very powerful.
      • This is very much about what the product looks like (the user interface) and the reputation the product has wihtin society.
    • Accessible
      • People with disabilities should be able to access it.
      • Consider those with visual and audial impairments as well as learning disabilities.
    • Valuable
      • It must be worth something to the user.
      • They should benefit from the product in a certain way.
    • Credible
      • The design elements that influence whether users trust or believe in our product.
      • For example, if the brand is well known they will probably trust the product.
    • Findable
      • The design of navigation n must be simple so the user can locate objetcs.
      • The user needs to be able to find what they require.
    • Useful
      • The product provides useful information - i.e. the product is not a waste of time.
      • The user forms their opinion of how useful the product is.


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