ICT GCSE UNIT 3 8 Principles of Design

Understanding the 8 Principles of Design. For Edexcel ICT GCSE Double Award Unit 3.

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  • Eight Principles of Design
    • Consistency
      • Your product should be consistent throughout in terms of colour scheme, layout and fonts.
      • If it isn't the product will have an unprofessional user interface and it may put the user off.
    • Shortcuts
      • The user wants to be able to reduce the number of interactions they make.
      • Short cut keys, function keys and hidden commands are very helpful.
      • E.g. if you hold down the 'Home' button on an iPhone voice control is activated.
    • Informative Feedback
      • Users like to receive feedback so they are aware of what they are doing.
      • E.g. when you change the volume on a Mac you receive a visual representation of the action as well as an audn audible one.
    • Design Dialogue
      • Users need a sense that there is a flow to their actions.
      • I.e. there is a beginning, middle and an end.
      • An example of this would be sending an e-mail - you decide who it will be sent to, compose it, and send it.
    • Simple Error Handling
      • The system should be designed so the user cannot make an error.
      • If a mistake is made, such as incorrect input, the user should receive feedback in order to help them to resolve it.
    • Easy Reversal of Actions
      • This relieves anxiety as the user knows errors can be undone, i.e. by using the 'Undo' function.
    • Internal Locus of Control
      • The sense that operators are in charge of the system.
      • The system should not be 'sluggish' or 'clunky' due to the more sophisticated media used.
    • Reduce Short-Term Memory Load
      • Don't force users to remember complex sequences.
      • Keep the workflow as straight forward and intuitive as possible.
      • E.g. using a drag and drop function to uninstall programs.


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