Gamification MOOC Week 2

My notes for the second week of this MOOC on Coursera by Kevin Werbach at University of Pennsylvania

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  • What are games?
    • 'Gamification is not...'
      • 'Make everything a game"
      • "Any game at work
      • "Any use of games in business" eg giving prizes
        • Example: Mcdonalds Monopoly promotion is not gamification because it does not involve integration of game elements into a business process
      • "Simulations" (although they may develop into 'serious games')
      • Just for marketing or customer engagement
      • Just "PBLs" (points, badges, leaderboards)
      • Game theory
    • 'Gamification IS...'
      • About voluntary participation - if you have to take part its not a game it's work!
      • Learning or problem solving
      • Appreciating FUN
      • A balance of structure and exploration
    • Influential people and orgs
      • Sebastian Deterding
        • Deterding's 4 segment gamification matrix
      • Lev Vygotsky
        • "In play a child always behaves beyond his average age"
    • What is a game?
      • Bernard Suits 'The Grasshopper'
        • Pre-lusory Goal (an objective)
        • Constitutive rules (turning the objective into a game)
        • Lusory Attitude (player follows the rules)
        • Voluntarily overcoming unnecessary obstacles
      • J. Huizinga's 'Magic Circle'
        • The boundary between the game and the real world - the game matters when you're in it.
        • You will respond to the goals of the game and play by its rules if you feel like you're in the Circle
    • Games Vs Play
      • Play is 'exuberant, free and for its own sake'
      • Games are formal, structured and create outcomes
      • Games are about solving problems with a playful attitude to achieve outcomes
    • Video games
      • 97% of 12-17 year olds play video games
      • Don't have to be advanced to be good games
    • 'Real world' building blocks for gamification
      • E-business 2.0
        • Analytics to make games smarter
        • Cloud to manage data
        • Mobile to take games with you
      • Social networks and media
      • Loyalty programs (on and offline)
      • Management and marketing research


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