DT RM Revision

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  • DT:RM
    • Types of Circuit
      • Series Circuit: if one bulb breaks the entire circuit breaks because the flow of Electrons cannot get through.
      • Parallel Circuit: If one bulb breaks the others keep shinning. The bulbs are brighter because the electrons can use different routes.
      • Basic Circuit: Has a switch, a bulb and a cell/battery.
    • The Process of Soldering
      • 1, Hold the soldering iron onto the PCB to heat it up. It is hot enough when the solder flows onto the copper, NOT the soldering iron.
      • 2. Move the soldering iron towards the component leg and feed in the solder.
      • 3. When the solder has filled in the hole on the circuit board, move the solder away then the soldering iron.


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