Modular Storage Container

  • Created by: Josie Raw
  • Created on: 02-03-13 11:00

Research & Analysis

- Compact (no. 1 magazine stand, has a function)

- Storage that does 2 jobs (no.2 Chair & laptop)

- Reuse something (no.3 chair & boxes, I can't though, have to make everything)

- No. 4; modern, like the shapes fitting together, can see it flat against a wall

- No. 5; Compact, like the wood - not plastic, interesting shape, not seen anything like it before

- No. 6; compact, simple shapes, more interesting than average - colour helps

- No. 7; Uses a well-recognised shape yet is still clearly shelves and easy access to all items on the shelves

- No. 8; shape yet still very effective on storing items, easily slide under someones desk

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- Found that most storage use either;

- Shapes that inter-lock (goes with the whole 'compact' thing)

- Simple but interesting (either in the way they are arranged or shape of the modules)

- For everyday use (a bit of a statement but still straight forward, easy to see it's storage & easy to remove items in & out)

No. 1 for the way the modules are all arranged - simple but effective

No. 2 because of how it's assembled in an unusual way

- No. 3 because of how the shapes of the modules are very simple basic shapes (triangle & rectangles)

- No. 4 because it has 2 functions & it is all very neat 

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- Changed arrangment of the modules

- Changed the height

- Changed the width

- Changed the size

- Number of modules 

- Made it more straight forward

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Final Product & Evaluation

- Glue less close

- Shorter so lids could be added (with the height lids don't really work)

- Curved all the corners

- Added more modules

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