Free School Meals - Students and Parents

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  • Free School Meals - Pupils & Parents
    • Nature of information presented
      • Primary
        • National Pupil Database
          • Official satistics
      • Quantitative
    • Trends/ Patterns/ Key Features
      • If on free school meals 50% have a chance of achieving Level 4 in Maths and English
      • More students on free school meals or less likely to reach level 4
      • Taditionally working class
      • National pupil database, DFE (department of Education) - HIGHLY RELIABLE
      • Feb 2011
      • Government statistics - collected yearly
    • Disadvantage
      • They may feel worried that others will know they cant afford lunch
      • Separated by class - More likely to be working class
    • Advantage
      • Makes sure they get atleast one good meal each day
        • Help them concentrate more in class as they wont be worrying about being hungry
      • they will be able to eat with their friends and wont feel hungry throughout the day
    • Reasons for trends
      • parents cant afford to buy them lunch
        • They may also just forget to pack them lunch or give them money to buy lunch
      • Changes in law
      • Changes in society
      • Help the students to achieve
    • Potential research methods
      • Interviews
        • They would be able to find out how they really feel about the grades that they are doing and understand how they feel about the fact that they are getting free school meals
    • Definitions
      • Free School Meals: A free school meal is a school meal provided to a child or young person during a school break at no cost.


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