Unit 2 lo1 equality, diversity and rights


                          Unit 2; Equality, diversity & rights



Equality- Ensuring everyone is treated fairly. Individuals should be given the care they require according to their individual needs and given the same opportunities regardless of differences.

It DOES NOT mean treating everyone the same.

Eg. A student with a learning disability may require a teaching assistant during lessons to gain the same knowledge as their peers. This promotes equality as they are given the same opportunity despite their care needs.


Diversity-Recognising and valuing that every individual is unique.

Accepting and respecting differences such as religion, belief, race and gender.


The 9 protected characteristics (under the Equality Act 2010)


Gender (reassignment)



Religion, or lack of belief

Marital status


Sexual orientation

Being pregnant


You cannot be discriminated against when:

At work, at education, as a consumer, using public services, when buying or renting.




Protection from abuse and harm- Safeguarding procedures should be followed at all times, health and safety legalisation adhered to

Equal and fair treatment- In accordance to the law and their needs, equal doesn’t always mean the same!

Right to life- protected by law, e.g. resuscitation

Choice- gives individuals control over their lives and increases their self-esteem because it promotes independence

Consultation- individuals should be asked for their opinions and views about the care and activities they would like

Confidentiality- information should only be shared on a need to know basis, should not be shared without an individual’s permission. Unless, they are a risk to themselves or others or if there is a serious offence being carried out.


Application of the concepts       in health and social care services


Promoting equality and diversity

Care workers should not use discriminatory or patronising language, discriminatory remarks should be challenged

Individual care should be provided based on the individual’s needs, such as a zimmer frame for someone with a disability

If residents from a care home are being taken out, you should make sure there is wheelchair access and a hearing loop system


Promoting individual’s rights and beliefs

Care environments (care homes, hospitals) should provide access to a prayer room or transport to a church to support individual’s religious beliefs

In health care pregnant woman can be supported by asking her whether she wants to give birth at


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